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The nexus of modular manufacturing and next generation technology. Working together to save lives.
Humanitarian Innovation, at Work.
Affordable. Reliable. Ground breaking.
Each modular medical unit is designed and equipped to deliver ambulatory, surgical, dental and urgent care.
Our field sanitation units meet WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health, and provide life saving services.
Each unit can produce up to 17,000 units of bread per day (200 grams) and over 6 million units per year.
Our water purification units can generate over 54,000 liters per day, or 20,000,000 liters per year. Cost? f $1.99 cubic meter.
We provide state of the art temporary housing in response to catastrophic events. All meet U.S. and EU standards.
Offering on-site cold storage (Electric, Hybrid, or Diese), each unit offers -30F to 80F temperature range.

NextGen Humanitarian Response.
Utilizing best in class engineering and human centered design, each of our solutions are dynamic, modular, and simple to operate.
We produce highly modular solutions in standard, high quality, low cost 40-foot containers that are seamlessly delivered anywhere in the world.
All of our hardware and software components use 256 Bit Advanced Encryption Standard, AES, a symmetric encryption algorithm.
Our supply chain is globally powered and locally centered, offering 24/7 coverage and best in class 99.98% Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
All of our solutions are turn-key; powered by human centered design principles that allow traditional local operators to take charge and succeed.
We provide no-hassle leading programs that offer complete maintenance and support - so you can truly focus on supporting your missions.
We offer multiple power sources: Gas, electric, solar. All of our units are equipped with industrial-grade air conditioning units for total support.
We support over 4 billion lives across the globe.
Revolutionary Simplicity.
Our proprietary four step process ensures a full understanding of your needs and guarantees the right fit to meet your mission's needs.
We help you assess your operational needs and connect you with the right solutions. Placing and order takes minutes.
Once your order is placed, we notify our supply chain and they begin assembling your solutions - exactly they way you want them.
Our global network of suppliers and partners allows us to deliver anywhere in the world - all based on your exact timing needs.
Once the units are delivered, we activate our comprehensive on-boarding program that covers all technical and functional areas.
Humanitarian solutions meet cutting edge technology.
Powered by Prosperia Pro.
All of our solutions are powered by a global marketplace supporting commercial transactions.

Global Catalog.
Covers over 60 million goods, products and services exclusively available on our platform.
Unrivaled Selection.
Includes 20 million affiliate vendors spread across 245 countries. All available in real-time.

Superior Validity.
Powered by Blockchain technology with immutable tamper-proof records that provide peace of mind.
Agile and Dynamic.
We offer superior transaction-focused workflows, powered by real-time analytics and digital ledger supported.
People Centric.
Our solutions leverage best in class user experience (UX) principles - they are simple and easy to use.
Top-Notch Security.
We use 256-bit AES standard encryption - the same technology the NSA uses to protect U.S. secrets.
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